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An unforgettable journey through time and art

Post of Belogradchik

This project is dedicated to natural and cultural treasures of Bulgaria

Our journey through time and art will start with Magura cave. Its formation began more than 15 million years ago. Protected by UNESCO as a natural landmark, Magura Cave resembles an underground cathedral and is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Eastern Europe. What makes it truly unique are the exceptionally well-preserved ancient drawings, which have no analogues not only in Bulgaria. They are kind of prehistoric art. Similar ones have been found only in France, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula.

The first traces of human presence in Magura cave date back 8 000 years BC. People inhabited it until the Early Bronze Age. This is proved by the discovered fragments of pans, pots and cups.

In cult scenes, women are drawn taller than men because this was the time of the matriarchy. The different compositions reflect the everyday life of the people of that time, as well as their primitive ideas about the structure of the world. The images are from different eras and it is impossible to describe: dancing female and male figures, men hunting and masked people who participate in rituals that are unfamiliar to us, a fantastic array of people, animals, geometric figures, images of suns and stars. Decades have passed, and the drawings created with bat guano are still so vivid. That must be why Magura cave is called the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Belogradchik rocks, another natural landmark, are located near the Magura cave. With their amazing beauty, they are a true miracle of nature.

The “Opera of the Peaks” festival is held there every year during the summer – an innovative idea, an unusual stage concept to present the art of opera amidst the magical beauty of the Belogradchik rocks.

The energy of the stone giants calms down, invigorates and uplifts the spirit. Combined with the high art of opera, it gives a real pleasure.

Belogradchik rocks give the audience a different way to experience their favorite works of art. Guests are able to enjoy opera and ballet under the open sky, combining the experience with a sightseeing tour of the area.

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