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Vitosha mountain

Post of Vitosha mountain

The magic of Vitosha mountain 

For decades Vitosha has been one of the most favorite places for spending time amongst nature and have a walk – a pleasant gift for the citizens of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The most picturesque places in the Vitosha mountain are – it’s highest peak – Cherni vrash (2 290 meters high), Golden Bridges, Kamen del peak, lands around Bistritsa and Zeleznica, which offer wonderful conditions for a family picnic and tourism.

It’s a Sunday winter morning and I’m walking down the magical path toward Golden Bridges. I was surprised of the way I has left astonished of the magic that this mountain hides. You can only assume that a fairy could appear from the snow. Everything is white, snow covered everywhere. Silence makes me listen the story that nature tells by itself.

The path is swirling upwards around the river. The birds are singing happily. Aren’t those songs that glorify the beauty of the nature? The snowflakes sparkling like little golden pearls which embellish the trees and all of the greenery. The smell of freshness is spread everywhere. You are exclaim how clean and beautiful it is. This is the magic of Vitosha!

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